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Pranic Healing Department

Ranjith.N.K., (Pranic Healer, Trainer and Dept. Head of Alternative Medicine),
Westfort Ayurveda Hospital, Westfort Hospital Group,
Thrissur-Trichur-Kerala, India.

Pranic Healing Uses Laws Of Nature.

T.A. psychotherapy

We can go on assimilating the perceptions of people around us and often mistake it for our identity.

This is utterly false-nobody can know who you are, except you.


Spiritual Business Management

  • Achieve financial success and prosperity in business
  • How to increase success in business by using Science of Life Cycles, Kabbalistic Wheel and Time Management
  • Reduce Stress at workplace by instant physical and mental recharge techniques
  • Learn to develop stronger leadership skills
  • Discover the secret of the “Sphynx”

Pranic Feng Shui

  • Environmental energies of different directions and formations affect health, wealth and spirituality
  • Which part of the home and office allows fresh prosperous energies to enter
  • Which direction we may face during business negotiations to improve chance of achieving success
  • Correct placement of the bed to enhance marital relationships
  • Accelerate your spiritual development by mediating in the right direction
  • Facing and positioning your child’s study desk to enhance intelligence and concentration the secrets of prosperity in the kitchen.


  • The secret of using thought power to manifest things on the physical plane
  • Formula, principles & laws to create abundance
  • Know the secrets of correct giving and charity to generate good luck & maximize prosperity in life
  • Disintegrate the negative energies that obstruct your flow of prosperity, happiness and success
  • Meditation on Prosperity to get a ”Midas touch” in your life
  • Know the power of your spoken and written words to accelerate the manifestation of your thoughts and wishes
  • Secret hand “mudras” to enhance abundance
  • Magnetize prsperity and success using ancient techniques
  • Chakras that affect your prosperity and abundance
  • Protect your projects and ideas from negative, sabotaging influences
  • Least seven effective ways of creating powerful Thought Forms

Arhatic Yoga

  • Is a synthesis of yogas designed to help safe and rapid spiritual development
  • Balance spiritual progress with material abundance
  • Advanced purification techniques to remove crippling habits and unhealthy personality traits
  • Achieve Self Mastery or have a clear, sharp, practical mind and stable emotions.

Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul

  • Help discover the true nature of our soul and the unique purpose of each incarnation
  • Get all your unanswered questioned answered
  • Who am I?
  • Where have I come from?
  • Where is the soul located in the body?
  • Where will the soul go when the body dies?
  • Why am I born what is the purpose of this life?
  • Meditation on the Soul to achieve union with the Higher Soul
  • Experience Divine Bliss by saluting the Divinity in all Healer

Pranic Body Sculpting

  • Helps to loose inches in a proper manner
  • Innovative no-touch technique with the purpose of toning firming and reshaping specific areas of the body
  • step-by-step method to provide the fastest and sustainable result to shape and tone specific body areas
  • remove the old energy patterns causing the fat cells to stay stuck
  • Learn to improve the body’s ability to rejuvenate and become slimmer
  • Lose weight positively with the combined use of Pranic Healing Exercise and Zone Diet
  • Regain your confidence level by being in good shape.

Pranic Face Lift

  • Make the face look young and fresh
  • Reduce lines, Blemishes and wrinkles on your face
  • Remove and disintegrate facial stress energy
  • Get a refreshed, energized and healthy looking face
  • Tighten your skin and restore the radiant glow of your face
  • a safe, no-touch, simple alternative approach for achieving a stress-free and youthful look

Pranic Psychic Self Defence

  • Helps yourself, loved ones, belongings business and homes
  • techniques to shield yourself and family from negative thoughts and psychic contamination projected by others
  • to protect your business to ensure prosperity

No-Touch, No-Medicine, Energy Treatment, Healer/Trainer:

N.K.Ranjith(APH, AYLS, WPHF, INC),

Westfort Ayur Hospital,

Westfort, Thrissur-4,

Phone : 0487-2388780(4 LINES)

Mob : 9388259586



Westfort Ayurveda hospital is now in a league of centre’s which provide comprehensive traditional health care. The spaciousness of the Hospital now looks fulfilled with the accommodation of these two new ventures.

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Westfort Ayurveda hospital is now in a league of centre’s which provide comprehensive traditional health care. The spaciousness of the Hospital now looks fulfilled with the accommodation of these two new ventures.


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